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EMT T-Shirts and Star of Life Logos

EMT T-shirts  are worn proudly with EMS Star of Life Logos by both career and volunteer EMT’s riding with rescue squads everywhere.   Firefighter EMT’s and Fire Rescue crews wear their tee’s, apparel and hoodies doing work at the station and as scene ID while treating patients and handling emergencies.


 EMT White T-Shirt  EMT Golf Shirt  EMT Dark T-Shirt

The same great EMT design is also available on sweatshirts and zipper sweats

 EMT Hooded Sweatshirt  EMT Hoodie (dark)  EMT Sweatshirt (dark)

 EMS Star of Life Zipper Sweats

EMT Zip Hoodie (dark)  EMT Zip Hoodie   EMT Women's Raglan Hoodie

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EMS Week For EMT’s and Paramedics

National EMS Week is the time set aside to honor the pride and dedication of EMT’s, Paramedics and everyone in the Emergency Healthcare Network. 

Emergency Medical Technicians, Medics, Fire Rescue Crews, Medivac Chopper Pilots and Flight Nurses are the front line of emergency medicine, bringing the finest of care at all hours of the day and night to you.


EMT and Medic Blog Featuring Gifts and T-Shirts

Visit Our Blog EMS Gifts of Care

EMT’s never know what to expect when they receive their emergency call.  They are trained to save lives at a moments notice at cardiac arrests, medical illnesses, trauma calls from motor vehicle crashes, industrial and home accidents and quickly intervene during life threatening situations in big cities and little towns throughout the nation.

EMS Ambulance Gifts and T-Shirts  EMT Star of Life  Medic Apparel and Gift Ideas

Take some time to thank an EMT for the gifts of care, the shining star of life they bring to people in need with dedication and compassion all year long.

EMS Gifts of Love

EMT’s and Paramedics show the Gifts of Love every call, every emergency and serving everyone who needs them.  Their patience and care in the toughest of times makes a difference in someone’s life at a moments notice.  We honor our EMS providers for Valentine’s Day and everyday with our Hearts of Care gifts, t-shirts and home decor.

EMS Heart of Care T-Shirts, Sweats and Apparel


Personalize some great gift ideas for EMT’s and Medics

EMS Heart of Care mug  EMS Heart of Care keychain  EMS Heart of Care necklace  EMS Heart of Care binder  EMS Heart of Care bag  EMS Heart of Care mousepad


EMT gift ideas are great for holidays, birthdays, graduation from EMT classes and a way to celebrate EMS families.

EMS Valentine's Day Thermos Food Jar  EMS Valentine's Day Trek Water Bottle  EMS Valentine's Day iPhone 3G Hard Case


EMS Valentine's Day Zip Hoodie  EMS Valentine's Day Hooded Sweatshirt  EMS Valentine's Day Infant Bodysuit

EMT Active Duty Wear

Very cool EMT sweats, t-shirts and gift ideas. Lots of EMS star of life for EMT’s, Paramedics and Fire Rescue crews. Easy to personalize with name, station or rescue squad ID too or buy just the way they are.

Full line of EMT and Firefighter gifts, tee’s and jewelry at: EMT Gifts and Gift Ideas For Firefighters

EMT Gifts and Sneakers

EMT and EMS gifts just got better with Keds designed for EMT’s and paramedics. Check out the star of life pattern on these sneakers that you can personalize or buy just the way they are. They are the original Keds from Bonfire Designs where the specialty is always firefighter, police, teachers, nurses and EMT’s both career and volunteer.

All sizes available for men and women, the price is great and matching tee’s, stickers and gift ideas also available.

EMT Gift Ideas

Shop EMT Gifts and Apparel at Bonfire Designs

EMT’s are the emergency rescue workers that respond with an ambulance when you call 911 for help.  They are career and volunteer, dedicated and professional.  An EMT goes through hundreds of hours of training to become EMT-B, EMT-I or go on to become Paramedics.  In addition, they are mandated to put in hundreds of hours of professional courses and training to maintain their certification and keep up with new medical protocols to keep their patients well taken care of.  Responding to everything from panic attacks to heart attacks, trauma from motor vehicle accidents, slips, falls and delivering babies, EMT’s are there when you call regardless of the time of day, holiday or state of the economy!

Bonfire Designs features EMT gifts, apparel, t-shirts, supplies and gift ideas for EMS family members, Irish EMT’s and Firefighter EMT workers.  Shop our Star of Life, Fire Dept, Rescue Squad and medical humor stores online for jewelry, bags, watches, travel mugs and posters that honor your proud tradition.

EMT T-Shirts and Gifts!EMT Saving Lives T-Shirts & Gift Ideas!EMT Active T-Shirts, Clocks, Mugs & More!EMT FOR LIFE Tee's and Gifts!

Don’t forget to browse our firefighter, police, paramedic, teacher and nurse gift ideas that are perfect for holidays, birthdays, graduation and everyday you want to treat yourself or your favorite professional to honor their career and occupation!

Feel free to visit our EMT blog if you have a chance.  It is filled with EMS news, links, stories and great EMS jewelry, gift ideas, bags and apparel.  There is also a spot to add a link to your rescue squad or fire dept!

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