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Fish Cakes Easy Recipe

Easy Fish Cake Recipe Family Style

DIY Designs Bonfire Style

Fish cakes, crab cakes, fish fry, stuffed clams, shrimp anything, our family loves it and we love it even better when we catch it fresh from the sea! Even if you can’t catch your own fish this easy fish cake recipe is not only the easiest, it’s low carb, low calorie, high protein, very few ingredients and you cook it the way you love it to taste. Fish cakes can be as expensive as crab and shrimp or less expensive frozen or fresh cod, halibut or whatever your favorite and/or on sale fish of the week is.

Fish Cake Platter Easy Recipe Fish Cake Platter Easy Recipe

This recipe used about 1 pound of fish all size fillets that I steamed in the cool ZipLoc Steamer Bags, a small bag of frozen cauliflower I also steamed up (I wanted to use cauliflower instead of potatoes to keep the carbs low but you can substitute potatoes…

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Sprinkle Pancakes Easy Fun Recipe

Sprinkle Pancakes are the perfect way to start your day but they aren’t just for breakfast any more. The best part of sprinkle pancakes are the smiles you share with family when you enjoy them together.

They are easy, all of my recipes are high in love, don’t have too many ingredients, can be made from scratch or semi homemade. Sprinkle pancakes can be filled with rainbows or chocolate, designed perfectly for holidays and special occasions. You can eat them with a knife and fork or pick them up finger friendly style.  Click for our easy recipes from home with love……. 

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Bacon Wrapped Chicken

It started out with a cool recipe I saw on Facebook for bacon wrapped pickles. I thought that sounded fun but my family immediately voted thumbs down to that idea declaring no way they would try it. Since I already happened to have some nice chicken tenderloins defrosting they became my recipe adventure of the day what could be bad about bacon wrapped chicken!

Easy peasy I wrapped each tenderloin in a strip of uncooked bacon. Popped it in the oven at 425 for about a half hour and 15 minutes later the whole house was buzzing in the kitchen wanting to know what smelled so good. Even the cats came out sniffing and staring up at me for a taste of whatever I was up to.

Bacon lovers just don’t have to feel guilty when it’s wrapped around protein filled chicken. This quick and easy recipe was a huge hit especially when everyone picked their own favorite dunking sauce. For the youngest ketchup was the go to yum. For the adults it was ranch dressing, habanero sauce or my husbands favorite honey mustard dip.

Let us know if you try it join us on Facebook and send some pics or your idea for the recipe. We love to share. Next time we are trying this out on the BBQ grill!

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