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Birthday Party Time

Birthday party time is fun for kids and for grown ups. You are never too old or too young to feel special on your birthday and everyone should. From elaborate parties to hanging at home with friends and family it’s the spirit of the day – the day you were born that should be filled with smiles, cheers, cake and awesome birthday balloons, happy birthday signs, plates and napkins. Oh and presents who doesn’t love birthday presents!

Birthday Party Cake and Fun

Birthday Party Cake and Fun

You can buy a store bought birthday cake with all the icing and fancy flowers they have them in every size and will write your message on it too but if that’s going overboard or more than you want to spend Continue reading →

Cupcakes On The Go


Cupcakes On The Go

So you baked these wonderful cupcakes for a party at school, work or a friends house and now you have to get them all there in the same beautiful shape. What about the wonderful frosting? Oh no, the sprinkles, the decorations!

It’s OK, check out these fantastic cupcake carriers that will help you get your little beauties wherever your going and be no worse for the traveling, not to mention how cool they are because some of them can be used to carry cakes and other goodies too.

Investing in a cupcake carrier is a great idea and not that expensive, you can even use them to store the leftovers for the next day to be sure they stay fresh.



Snapware® Snap ‘N Stack® Cookie & Cupcake Carrier w/ Holder Trays

Sweet tooths rejoice! This Snapware® Snap ‘N Stack® carrier is for you. Actually, it’s for cookies, cupcakes, brownies and quarter sheet cakes. The handled carrier includes two reversible inserts; use the insert with the 12 round wells for cupcakes and the flat side for other goodies. Each insert can attach to the top half of the container for easy serving and to increase storage space, and the tabs on the ends also flip down to create an instant serving tray.

Travel In style to parties

Honey-Can-Do Rectangular Cake Storage Carrier 

Honey-Can-Do Rectangular Cake Storage Carrier Rectangular cake holder with snap-locking lids for secure transport and safe carrying. Reversible/Removable bottom tray can be flipped to store cupcakes or full cake. Handle folds flat for convenient storage. Clear view lid for quick identification of contents. Holds 12 standard cupcakes, 24 mini cupcakes, or a half sheet cake.


Good Cook Nonstick Covered Cupcake Pan, 24 Cup

k2-_d04facf0-df46-47c2-9754-eb7b49e87180-v1This set is cool because it includes two 12 cup baking pans that turn into the trays for the travel and storage set.

A must have for the avid baker, this innovative plastic carrying case makes it simple to bring cupcakes and muffins to picnics, parties and other events. The handy carrier colds up to 24 cupcakes, and its locking lid and easy-grip handle ensures safe and secure transport.

A 12-count muffin pan for baking is also included. The pan’s durable professional weight steel construction provides fast, even heating, while its premium nonstick interior offers effortless food release and quick cleanup by hand or in the dishwasher. Oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the pan also offers generous oversized handles.

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Top Ten Reasons Cupcakes Are The Best

Top Ten Reasons Cupcakes Are The Sweetest Treat

My favorite top ten reasons I believe cupcakes are the sweetest treat for Valentine’s Day Are:

  1. Everyone Loves Them!
  2. They can be sinfully sexy and decadent
  3. They can be childishly adorable and fun
  4. Cupcakes come in their own holder and wrapped for your Valentine
  5. Everyone gets their very own whole cake, no sharing or cutting needed
  6. They can all be frosted and decorated differently to please everyone
  7. My recipe can easily be adapted to sugar free or even gluten free cupcakes
  8. They are so yummy delicious but won’t overfill you
  9. They are fun to bake and share with others
  10. Everyone Loves Them!

Our Favorite Easy Cupcake Recipe  Continue reading →

Cupcakes: The Sweet Treat We Love

Say I Love You With Cupcakes

The sweetest way to cook up “I Love You” is baking up a batch of fresh, delicious, soft and moist cupcakes surrounded by a liner or wrapper that’s just perfect for every occasion. Imagine the fun of easy to prepare Valentine’s Day recipes for cupcakes, the wonderful aroma spreading throughout your house while they are baking and the joy on the face of everyone you share them with as they bite into that yummy, fluffy wonderful goodness!

If you are just like me you may love to bake up homemade treats but in our busy, busy worlds too many ingredients gets too complicated and takes way too much preparation, and lots of clean up afterward too. My cupcake recipes are easy to prepare, fun to make and clean up is a snap.

two cupcakesHome made baking sweets and treats shouldn’t mean they are hard, complicated or time consuming. Home baked cooking means making your house smell wonderful, singing while your mixing and enjoying all the love as everyone tells you what a wonderful baker you are. It’s from the heart.

Homemade from scratch or easy amazing varieties of cupcakes aren’t expensive and I always seem to have everything I need on hand whenever the little ones come to visit and help me bake.

Drop off some cupcake heaven to a neighbor or friends, the local Senior Citizen group or a dozen or so of these little cake heavens at the local fire department where believe me the firefighters will go crazy for them!

Cupcakes are perfect any day and every occasion, but an especially sweet treat when you surprise someone with them.

My Vanilla Frosted White Cake Cupcake With Sprinkles

I have been baking cupcakes for ages. Starting when I was just a teenager it was a treat for me to be able to whip up a batch of yummy individual snacks for the family. I always used my Mom’s secret recipe for the best success and I use the same one today. Most cupcake recipes tell you to use vegetable or canola oil which is fine, but part of my secret is I always use olive oil, extra virgin olive oil is the best.

Now I get to share my recipe with you and think of all the happiness in little cups that will be savored by those you love too.


  • 1 Box Betty Crocker® or Pillsbury White Cake Mix
  • 1/3 Cup Olive Oil
  • 3 Egg Whites or Egg White Substitute Equivalent Will Work
  • 1 1/4 Cups Water
  • A Heaping Spoonful Of Love and A Sunny Smile
  • Can of Betty Crocker or Pillsbury Vanilla Frosting
  • Mini Chocolate Chips


  1. 1. Heat oven to 350°F (325°F for dark or nonstick pans). Place paper baking cup in each of 24 regular-size muffin cups.
  2. 2. Blend the cake mix, water, oil and egg whites in a large mixing bowl until moistened. Beat with a mixer on low speed for about 2 minutes, or you can whisk by hand for about 2 minutes if you don’t have a hand mixer.
  3. 3. Pour, scoop or drop by spoonfuls into the baking cups no more than half full will work.
  4. 4. Pop the trays in the oven that should already be pre-heated to 350 degrees and bake for 20 mins.
  5. 5. After 20 mins your house will smell wonderful, your mouth may be watering and then it’s time to take the cupcakes out and let them cool.
  6. That’s it. My Very Special Valentine’s Sweetest Treats Cupcakes are baked and cooling. After 30 minutes of cooling, or longer if you need to run errands, go to work, etc – that’s fine because you can frost them later on and they will still be wonderful.
  7. 6. Frost the cupcakes with the can of frosting by using a spatula, back of a spoon or cake decorating bags. Or you can use the very simple, very delicious homemade frosting recipe below.

Vanilla Frosting Recipe – Perfect For Cupcakes

Delicious, easy, home made vanilla frosting that is the perfect compliment for your cakes and cupcakes. I love vanilla. I love vanilla and I love cupcakes!

If you don’t have the time or the ingredients to make this frosting then really, canned frostings aren’t bad at all, especially on top of your awesome cupcakes decorated with sprinkles or sugar candies.

But on the days you do have the time this vanilla frosting recipe is so good and so easy, try it I know you will like it.


  • 3 cups confectioners powdered sugar
  • 1/2 c. butter softened
  • 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla
  • About 2 tbsp. milk


  1. Mix powdered sugar and butter.
  2. Stir in vanilla and milk.
  3. Beat until smooth and of spreading consistency.
  4. Seriously, that’s it and it’s great.
  5. Frost cupcakes by using a small spatula, back of a spoon or a cake decorating bag. Be creative. Swirl it, twirl it and then decorate with your favorite sprinkles, edible decorations, mini chocolate chips are my favorites or use cute little candy sugars.

Cupcake or Muffin Cup Baking Pans

One of my recipes equals 24 beautiful cupcakes so you will need to have enough cupcake pans if you want to bake them all at once. Cupcake baking pans can be found with 6 cups, 12 cups or industrial 24 cups (but those are usually more expensive. I use two 12 cup pans at a time. They come in non-stick or aluminum and even silicone, lots of brands and styles. They don’t have to be expensive if you are going to use cupcake liners because then non-stick is not such an issue.

If you don’t already have some cupcake, or some people call them small muffin cake pans, here are some great ones to get you started at Kitchen Home Gifts Personalized



Cupcake Baking Pans and Liners


Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

I love cupcakes and I love Valentine’s Day.  They go perfect together because I think they are like love and marriage, horse and carriage, chocolate and peanut butter or Disney Princesses and Prince Charming. 

I’m a lover of all things hearts.  Red hearts, pink hearts, sparkly hearts, hearts on t-shirts, Valentine’s Day cards and decorations and of course, hearts on cupcakes!

Cupcake Love

Cupcake Love For Valentines and Special Occasions

Valentine’s Day candy comes in decorated heart boxes, foil wrappers and chocolate that melts in your mouth.  Or you can send your valentine little candy conversation hearts, an exquisite cake and let’s not forget some chocolate dipped strawberries!  But for me, cupcakes are the best sweetest treat for Valentine’s Day.  They come in their own gift wrapper, are the perfect size and nobody has to share, you get your own sweet little cake!  Do you bake your own cupcakes or buy them at the local grocery?  Stop by and visit our Valentine’s Day Sweetest Treat Cupcakes filled with easy recipes and my favorite ideas for a tasty, adorable, heart filled holiday shared with love for you at: 

Valentine’s Day Sweetest Treat Cupcakes

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