DIY stands for Do It Yourself and I love designing and decorating for my home, family and life. From projects big and small including everything from repairing walls to adding small touches of glamour to old furniture and accessories, there is nothing more satisfying than getting to look at this something special, something you created with some hands on, lots of planning, sometimes a little bit of cursing and most importantly, a tool kit filled with a King Size sense of humor.

DIY to save some money, home decor can get super expensive if you buy items outright or have a contractor do it for you. Or Do It Yourself because you know exactly what you want but can’t find it in any store because it comes from your heart and mind.

I remember when my daughters were young and every other little girl had a big Barbie townhouse to play with. That was a little expensive for us in those days but my girls had to have a house too. In no time at all I had purchased some inexpensive thick white plastic shelving three stories high, made some curtains and doors and rugs. Some great doll furniture from local arts and crafts places and before you knew it, they had a palace for their Barbies. Even play time was DIY creative.

Do It Yourself because it’s a challenge, because you want to save and restore something old, something outdated that still holds a lot of meaning. We have learned some great tips and tricks now that we have started our DIY journey again and it would be fun to share them with you. Big design jobs like renovating our master bathroom from scratch to installing cabinet handles on our kitchen cabinets, crown moldings, painting, spackling, installing floors, re-doing old photo frames into works of art – and our fun has only just begun – there’s lots more DIY to come.

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